Joint Enterprise Cases

Below is a list of cases where the person maintaining innocence has been convicted on the basis of being part of a ‘common purpose’ often referred to as a Joint Enterprise.

Justice 4 Sean Toal

On Friday the 8th August 2004, Sean Toal aged 19, was enjoying a party at his girlfriends home. During the night, three uninvited males arrived and when Sean answered a knock at the door he was instantly attacked. A fight ensued outside on the street as a result of which one of the three men, Paul McGilvray, was stabbed and died. On the 24th August 2005, Sean was sentenced to serve a minimum of 15 years having been convicted by a majority verdict the previous month.

Justice 4 Sean ToalJustice 4 Jordan Cunliffe

Jordan Cunliffe was convicted on the basis that he saw people he knew do something but did nothing to prevent it and didn’t demonstrate that he had withdrawn from them when he saw it. However Jordan can’t see but the courts put a media ban on his visual impairment being reported.

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Justice 4 Wesley

Wesley Porter was convicted of murder under Joint Enterprise on the basis of a phonecall from a number he didn’t recognise lasting less than 30 seconds. The prosecution went to court knowing that the evidence they were about to use against him did not say what they were suggesting it did.

Justice 4 Wesley Porter

Justice 4 Jass

On the 5th of August 2010, Jasbir Takhar was convicted of murder in Birmingham crown court and sentenced to 29 years in prison. He was not the person who fired the gun, he didn’t even know the gun was there.

Jasbir Takhar official website

Justice 4 Jordan

Jordan Towers was convicted of murder under the joint enterprise law despite the judge saying it was clear he’d played no part in it. This law needs to be changed and Jordan and his family need your support.

Jordan Towers official website

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